Let’s start with a friendly hello 🙂

My name is Alfonso and I’m a Creative Director and all-around Designer based in Seoul, currently working for Samsung at Cheil Worldwide.

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Things I like

Design, technology, sports, videogames, traveling, nature, photography, 3D, cars, motion graphics, movies/tv series, music, listen to old people, enjoy life.

Things I don’t like

Wasting time, negative thinking, bad aliens, pictures of myself, rudeness, playing tennis like shit, pfff…. lots of things, let’s keep it short.

I grew up in a small fisherman town in the north-west of Spain, where – funnily enough – I developed a big passion for design and technology. I decided to study Graphic Design and Multimedia at the local university and continued my studies in Barcelona, where I landed my first job at a design studio. Driven by my passion for advertising, I continued my creative journey at BBDO and Wunderman before joining AKQA Amsterdam in 2013. After that, I worked as a Freelancer for over 5 years working mainly for adidas and Philips, but also other agencies like MediaMonks. Finally, after gathering a great experience from Freelancing I decided to join Cheil Worldwide and move to Seoul to work as a Global Digital Creative Director for Samsung.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top brands and agencies in the world, creating amazing digital interactive experiences with them.

What I enjoy most, is creating engaging and functional digital experiences, using design and technology. That said, I also love coming up with ideas and bringing them to life across all media. Never forgetting that besides looking good, my work always has a job to do for my clients.

Feel free to contact me if you want to have a chat.

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