Budweiser 3D Selfie

Budweiser wanted to establish itself in China’s budding electronic dance music scene. To help realise this goal, OgilvyOne partnered with MediaMonks to create Bud Selfie: a mobile app that transforms selfies into vibrant music visualizations. The challenge was to give fans an engaging platform to share their love for EDM and selfies. Using a mix of creativity, technology and design, we achieved the ambitious level of visual effects OgilvyOne aimed for. Simply upload your selfie, match it to a skin and watch it come to life with awesome animations that morph to the beat.

My role in this project was to provide different art directions and animation examples for the robot faces based on what was feasible to do with WebGL on low-mid range performance phones.

Client: Mediamonks
Date: 1 August, 2014
Services: Art Direction, UX, Interactive Design

Case Video

"Budselfie was used over 1 MILLION times in just 4 weeks"