Sock Designs

One of my best friends loves socks and as a hobby he started his own sock company called Soseta3 (He is also an amazing developer and creative guy by the way). When I had a couple of free days in between jobs I decided to make a few sock patterns for him.

Client: SOSETA3
Date: 10 February, 2019
Services: Sock design, Art Direction

Soseta3 is the first Romanian brand to reinvent the pair; there are 3 colourful socks in every pack, so your feet are covered even if a sock goes missing. They encourage you to get creative – mix and match or find a new purpose for your third sock.

With this as an starting point and looking at Soseta3 actual designs I wanted to do something a bit different and instead of getting 3 socks with the same design in one pack, I wanted to have 3 different socks complementing each other colours and designs. If the customers still want to wear 2 socks with the same design they can always buy another pack to make 3 pairs with the same pattern and style. Below you will find some of the designs I made with a few colour variations.

Feel free to visit Soseta3 and check out their very cool socks.