TRON Legacy Kinect street game

A street game designed to raise awareness for the movie launch.

This action was part of a fictional 360 media campaign for the new Tron Legacy film, sequel of the acclaimed “Tron” launched in 1982, created in less than 48 hours for “Complot, Creativity School” while I was doing a summer workshop back in 2010. One of the multiple actions created for the campaign was this street game coinciding with the launch of the Kinect technology for Microsoft XBOX360 that allowed us to create bike races and other games between people on different parts of the city and others playing at home to raise awareness around the city and on the web.

Client: Student work
Date: 29 July, 2010

How it works

The idea was to install on advertising mupis and bus shelters with screens a Kinect device and an XBOX 360 to allow us to interact with the people without touching anything and just use their bodies.

Kinect is a very powerful device that can track movement, body balance, has voice recognition or even monitor the heart rate through the skin. I wanted to create a simple 2 step process to play a game. Just taking a picture or choosing between the default ones and play straight against someone else in another part of the city or playing “team vs team” from one bus shelter in the east side of the city versus another one in the west side to see whos best.

The way the game is played is as it follows:

  • Lean forward: accelerate
  • Lean back: brake
  • Lean left: turn left ( the more you lean the more it turns )
  • Lean right: turn right ( the more you lean the more it turns )

People could also save progress and by that sign up for the newsletter to get discounts for the movie scanning the QR code displayed on the screen with their phones before the game starts.

Kinect Demo