uGrow App / Philips AVENT

I had the pleasure to spend a year with the Philips Mother and Child Care team. During that time I worked half of the time on the uGrow baby tracker app and the other half creating the new website, new packaging and communication, new connected products and helped with the new photography AD.

Client: Philips AVENT
Date: 1 January, 2016
Services: Art Direction, Design, UX, Packaging

What is uGrow?

Designed to support parents and their baby’s healthy development, uGrow is the baby app of its kind with connected devices, giving personalized advice that matters.

The uGrow interactive app features articles and insights created with a panel of healthcare professionals and connects wirelessly with other Philips Avent products like a thermometer, smart baby monitor or a smart bottle. uGrow can track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleeping cycles, height and weight, crying, temperature, baby milestones and even diapers. The app can also be controlled using Amazon Alexa.

Exported data

uGrow tracked information is very valuable so we created a way to export all raw data as a PDF to share with the doctors and also a book with all the pictures and milestones plus some of the highlights in the babies development ( example below this lines ).